After Scoring The Winning Goal For Vietnam To Win Malaysia, What Did Quang Hai Do?

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After scoring for Vietnam to win Malaysia 1-0, Quang Hai excited fans after uploaded photos with his mom.

After the intense football match that took place yesterday, Quang Hai instantly becomes the national hero. He scored the only single goal for the win of Vietnam over Malaysia.

After the match, his post-match social update with his mother made everyone light-hearted, saying: “Nguoi phu nu cua doi toi” (translated: “This is the woman of my life.”)

In the photo, Quang Hai’s mother looks young and beautiful, beaming with pride She wore a red t-shirt with her son’s face, with both smiling happily.

The photo taken was perhaps for the famous footballer to remember the precious moment with his mom after scoring the winning goal that made the country and her people proud.

After practicing hard, Vietnam won Malaysia convincingly. It is a good new for Vietnam!

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