“Why Don’t You Shake?” BIGDADDY & Emily Ask V-Pop Fans This Summer

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BIGDADDY and Emily’s latest MV just released last night, with many hoping that this will be the next successful music video after the hundreds millions hit “Muon Ruou To Tinh” (translated “Borrow Wine To Show The Love”).

“O Sao Be Khong Lac” ( translated “Why Don’t You Shake?”) officially joined in the V-pop race this summer.

With the eventful tunes, “Why Don’t You Shake?” is a sizzling summer party track that anyone who listens to will want to dance and “shake” immediately.

With the joyful melody and colorful scenes, fans will surely feel happy when they watch the music video. 

“Why Don’t you shake?” instantly sent a shaking shockwave across social media.

The feeling in the music of “Why Don’t You Shake?” brings about bright colors and the bold sea. Set in the context is the party of the Stone Age aboriginal people in an uninhabited island, the music video brings the party atmosphere to a unique that’s one-of-the-kind.

The special point in the music video is the simple nods but yet cute and interesting when they are blended in with the unique melody.

Within a day after release, it nearly reached two million YouTube views and it isn’t stopping just yet.

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