Soobin Hoang Son’s Latest MV Restricted By YouTube, Gets Kicked Out Of The Top Trending Video Chart

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This is a huge blow to Soobin Hoang Son.

“If That Day”, released on July 16, is not just another ballad song, but it also brings a meaningful message to stop violence.

However, just slightly over a day, YouTube restricted the MV “If That Day” and it is now only limited to viewing by specific audiences. Viewers must be registered and be at least 16 years old in order to watch the MV.

Not only that, “If That Day” MV was immediately taken down from the top trending video on YouTube Vietnam, despite scoring more than 3 million views after nearly a day of release.

With dramatic scenes such as the main actor being abused and ended up committing suicide, Soobin Hoang Son’s latest MV was marked in the restricted list, and only suitable for audiences of at least 16 years old of age.

According to the production team, the MV has its own romantic story and needs some high tides in order to send the message of “stopping violence” across to the viewers, as well as focusing on the seriousness of depression and other psychological illness that can bring unpredictable consequences. Therefore, these scenes are necessary to mark strong impression to the audiences because of the message.

The male singer feels very sad because of this issue.

Maybe the lady luck didn’t smile with Soobin Hoang Son this time even though the video is intended to carry a meaningful message albeit it is really a nice song with its sweet melody.