Chi Pu Celebrates Her 2nd Debut Anniversary As A Singer

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On Thursday, Chi Pu shared her memory post on Facebook, as it was two years from the day Chi Pu debuted as a singer.

To commemorate her debut as a singer, Chi Pu posted on her facebook wall recently: “10/10/2017 – 10/10/2019, 2 years and some simple things but invaluable, Chi thanks you and for everything.”

Besides, Chi Pu did not forget to express her heartfelt thanks to her followers for everything, She also highlighted her major milestones in her career.


Two years have gone passed, but it was already such memorable to Chi Pu. At the first stage of her singer career, there were critics about her vocal as many said that they didn’t really like her vocal.

As time flies, it is now two years since her singing debut. Today, Chi Pu still keeps trying her best to be a good singer.


Her achievement is a dream of many Vietnamese’s singers.

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