Bao Thy Goes To France To Film Her New MV “Misconception”; Keeps Mum The Release Date

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Bao Thy has brought her team to France for making new music video by the name of “Misconception”.

After a break, singer Bao Thy is set to return with new single “Misconception”, a song composed by musician Tang Nhat Tue, along with the music video.

The song is said to have a gentle melody which is easy to listen. In mid-May, Bao Thy headed to France with her production team for the music video shooting of “Misconception”.

Check out the photos she shared below:

Bao Thy looks like a princess walking in the middle of a deserted but peaceful street.

Bao Thy reads a book under the sun.

In the video story, Bao Thy relaxingly sits and writes a letter to her lover.

And she is thinking what she should write for him.

Bao Thy has not revealed the release date and it is making her fans curious.