At 26 Weeks Of Pregnancy, Dong Nhi Goes On Stage And Sings In A Music Program

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Dong Nhi shares a short video of her music performance. Not unusual, except she is currently nearing to the end of her 2nd trimester of pregnancy. 

On July 26, popular songbird Dong Nhi updated a short video on social media about her latest performance in a music program.

The performance came as a surprise as the singer had confirmed her pregnancy not long ago and this was the first that she went on the stage to perform in front of audiences.

Despite Dong Nhi is at the week 26 of her pregnancy, it could be seen that she has maintained her gorgeous appearance as usual, but in a maternity clothing.

Particularly, the female singer showcased her smooth vocals in three songs that were obviously close to her now as  important milestones; Boi Roi, Ngot Ngao, Khi Con La Me.

Photo: FB Dong Nhi.

Check out Dong Nhi’s latest performance below:

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