These Are Four Big Sisters In VBIZ With Their Youthful Fashion Styles

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Even though these notable female artists are U40, they look younger than their actual age and they  also possess admirable fashion style that we can learn from them.

1. Ngo Thanh Van (40)

If you see these photos of Ngo Thanh Van and don’t know her actual age, you will probably get shocked to know she is already 40? Yes, it is true. This year, this well-known actress and model is 40 already. Noticeably, these are what may have brought her youthful inner self out – funky T-shirt, smart casual top, ripped jeans, sneakers, and more, not forgetting the bright colors that go perfectly well with her.

Do you believe that Ngo Thanh Van is 40?

2. Hien Thuc (38)

Everyone who sees Hien Thuc’s photos might not help but think that they are looking at her when she was 20. The mother of one child not only possesses a baby face, but her style also seems to be reverse of her age.

U40 ladies may most often be shy wearing cute graphic T-shirts just like what people say that “the mutton being dressed up as a lamb”.

However, Hien Thuc thinks otherwise. The singer often wears cute or colorful T-shirts. This can be a reason why she always looks younger than her real age.

Hien Thuc sure loves to wear like a teenager. This can also be a youthful tip that makes her look younger than her age.

3. My Tam (38)

My Tam doesn’t feel embarrassed to follow the youngster style even though she is 38 this year.

Just like those two big sisters above, My Tam’s favorite is T-shirt. Besides, she often wears overall mix with crop-top or T-shirt. Her style is very flexible, as sometimes she also wears shorts or off-shoulder.


My Tam always chooses some items smartly to hack her age.

4. Thanh Hang (36 years old)

With this list, there is no reason to miss out popular local model Thanh Hang. She is known as a VBIZ fashionista. She has a 360-degree fashion style such as midi-dress, sneakers, T-shirt, and jeans. The clothing mix that Thanh Hang chooses with the right colors together tends to be admired by the public, giving her the youthful look that she deserves.

Thanh Hang surprises with her age.