This Is The Music Video That Most Vietnamese Netizens Are Watching These Days

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These days, Ho Ngoc Ha makes her fans excited with her latest music video “Ve Dep 4.0” (translated “The Beauty 4.0”)

Ho Ngoc Ha is known as the Queen of entertainment in Vietnam. She is not only a famous model but also a celebrity singer. Besides that, her career extends to acting as well as being the CEO of a lipstick brand.

Because of constantly busy in taking care of her son Su Beo and focusing on her own business, it had been such a long time before she just released her newest music video “The beauty 4.0”.

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Many fans are cheering for Ho Ngoc Ha’s latest comeback as they finally get their wish come true to once again see their idol and listen to her voice in the latest music video.

The music video was released on August 15, and one that’s heating up this summer in Vietnam.

As seen, Ho Ngoc Ha always knows how to catch the attention of the public.

In this video, she looks chill and charming, with the content feeling like a comedy. Viewers can feel relaxed while watching and enjoying her smooth vocal.

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She has many fashion styles In this MV and all looks amazing!

With sweet appearance and body shape in different styles that’s not yet seen in previous music videos, it is no doubt that her fans are feeling excited to see her again in this comeback.

As of now, “The beauty 4.0” is the top 1 trending music video on YouTube Vietnam.

Check out Ho Ngoc Ha’s latest comeback video below.