Jay Park Gives Compliment To Son Tung M-TP On Twitter

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Jay Park and Son Tung M-TP might be bros.

Recently, through Jay Park’s Twitter page, the Korean rapper made the Skys extremely excited when he publicly praised V-pop idol Son Tung.

Specifically, when asked by a netizen about the vocal of the V-pop hit “Give It To Me”, Jay Park answered in English: “Cause he’s a young man pursuing his dream and working hard to maintain it. Can’t hate.”

This is not the first time Jay Park has mentioned Son Tung M-TP.

Not long ago, the K-pop idol proactively left a comment under the uploaded photo of Son Tung M-TP, with the comment just like calling his bro: “I’m in Da Nang. Where are you?”

Shortly thereafter, Son Tung M-TP answered his social media friend: “In a place quite far from Da Nang, mann.” Regrettably, it also meant Son Tung M-TP and Jay Park did not have a chance to catch up, which Vietnamese fans wish for a day when these two singers will meet together and even do a collaboration together.

Son Tung M-TP is one of the few Vietnamese artists who have received compliments from international artists around the world. Before Jay Park, Son Tung M-TP and his comeback hit “Give It To Me” was covered on Billboard, one of the biggest magazines in the world. In addition, the world’s biggest Hip-hop website AllHipHop also praised “Give It To Me”, which also featured Snoop Dogg.

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