Ngoc Trinh And Huyen Lizzie Try Out Traditional Korean Clothing Hanbok

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Ngoc Trinh and Huyen Lizzie just had a business trip in South Korea.

Lately, Ngoc Trinh and Huyen Lizzie just had a business trip in Korea. Besides work, both also took the chance to visit this beautiful Asia country and tried the local foods.

Particularly, Ngoc Trinh and Huyen Lizzie excited their followers when they put on traditional Korean clothing Hanbok.

Both celebrities showed off their close friendship as they did not feel restricted with their playful photos.

In the clip which Ngoc Trinh posted in her Instagram, the tip that she and Huyen Lizzie shared for nice photos is you have to change your posture fast when you see the camera.

Ngoc Trinh further shared that her followers can also get to know more about South Korea through her YouTube channel after this trip.

Be sure to look out for her upcoming episode on her YouTube!

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