H’Hen Niê, The Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 Who Leads An Extraordinary Simple Life

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Miss Universe Vietnam 2017, H’Hen Niê, is one of the humblest Vietnamese beauties that are melting everyone’s heart.

H’Hen Niê, born in 1992 in Dak Lak province, stands at an admirable 1.73m tall. She is the first Vietnamese ethnic minority that has proven herself and emerged as Miss Universe Vietnam 2017.

Thereafter, H’Hen Niê took part in the international beauty contest Miss Universe 2018 when she represented Vietnam, and successfully reached a top 5 finalist, earning the most impressive record that Vietnam ever had in the prestigious beauty pageant.

This is a salient H’Hen Niê in a fashion show.   

However, in daily life, H’Hen Niê actually leads a simple rustic lifestyle. Her parents are known to be farmers in a small village in Dak Lak province before her daughter rose to fame, and moved to Ho Chi Minh City later.

H’Hen Niê always helped her parents in the farm in the past. Even to this day, whenever she has free time, she still continues to do so despite her fame.

This is a simple beautiful H’Hen Niê in the field.

H’Hen Niê does not feel embarrassed to share such rural life photos like working in the farm, planting vegetables, and chatting with neighbors.

Outside the spotlight, H’Hen Niê does not wear make-up and even wears simple clothes like any other villager at home. She is also a diligent farmer when it comes to helping out her parents in the farm.

Check out H’Hen Niê’s rustic life photos below:


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